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412(i) Plans and Penalties

"I am a Third Party Administrator and am asking for your help. One of my clients with 4 employees who simply funded a retirement plan with $500,000 recently endured a 5.5 year IRS audit of his 412 (i) pension plan. Upon completion of the audit the client owes $55,000 in income taxes for 2004-2006 and has refunds from 2007-2008 of $55,000 (timing difference only) He owes about $30,000 in blackmail money (He really should owe nothing!). The SBSE income tax agent has threatened to assess $800,000 in penalties under Code Section 6707a. The IRS is far exceeding their authority in assessing the 6707a penalty this is totally prosecutorial abuse. WE must put a stop to this! My client cooperated and acted in good faith and did file the form 8886 (Maybe not 100% correctly but none the less, he did file the necessary forms).……"

--Dennis Cunning

  • The Millennium Plan
  • The Beta Plan- Hartford- PAC Life
  • Niche- Life Insurance Companies
  • Compass Welfare Benefit Plan
  • Sea Nine VEBA- Bisys
  • Professional Benefits Trust (PBT)
  • Advantage - Sterling- Cresp
  • Heritage Plan- Indianapolis Life Penmont -and litigation involving other similar 412i
  • Retirement Plans
  • 419 Welfare Benefit Plans

Lance Wallach Expert Witness

What is a '412(i) Plan'?

​"A defined-benefit pension plan designed for small business owners in the United States. This is a tax-qualified benefit plan, so any amount that the owner contributes to the plan becomes available immediately as a tax deduction to the company. The plan must be funded solely by guaranteed annuities, or a combination of annuities and life insurance."

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